Il talento brizzolato

In coda all’interessante carrellata sulla strategia generale di Manpower nel mondo (da leggere!) The Economist riporta nell’articolo “The World of Work” un approfondimento sul tema dei talenti. Per Manpower occorre cercarli anche tra i lavoratori in età adulta. Come scovarli e valorizzarli? Facendosi aiutare dai pensionati e trovando il modo di farli andare d’accordo con i giovani manager!

In the longer run, a shortage of talent – exacerbated by demographic trends – is likely to create growing demand for older workers. Japan, Australia and Italy are expected to lead the way in embracing them. Manpower has formed a partnership with the American Association of Retired People to try to come up with ideas to see how it could operate in this field.

[..] Training methods will be needed to teach older people to use computers. Offices may need to be redesigned for the less agile. In Asia in particular, training will be needed to help older workers cope with having a boss far younger than they are – hitherto culturally unthinkable.