Agenzie o freelancer?

Dipende sempre dalla dimensione delle attività e dai mezzi di produzione necessari, ma a parità di “piccole dosi di lavoro”, condivido la tesi di Meghan Paul di Solvate:

[…] working with a great freelancer is preferable to outsourcing to an agency or development shop. Why? Aside from being more affordable, freelancers are more passionate, creative, and personally invested in your company’s success.  Freelancers are under incredible pressure to find repeat customers and steady work, so they are often more eager to satisfy client demands.  Thus, they’re more accountable for their work; there is no one to point to except themselves when something goes wrong. Its also much easier to establish an ongoing relationship with freelancers, who will be more likely to chip in at the drop of the dime when your next urgent deadline pops up.

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